Royal Canin

Royal Canin provides a wide variety of high quality wet & dry food options formulated to reach the special nutritional needs for dogs ,cats, puppies ,kittens and more than 60 specific kind of breed as those with critical health situations and common sensitivities.

Royal canin  produces premium, grain-free pet formulas that are based on your pet's ancestral diet ,This formula is not fitted for your puppy or kitten , because it doesn't meet your canine milk satisfaction from the two kind of protein that exist in it which is Pedialyte that doesn't provide the expected amount of lactose, It is made from chicken proteins cow and goat.

As the other options of Dry foods that are made for adult in royal canin adult  to complete and balanced their needs & health and for small puppy in ROYAL CANIN X-Small Puppy that is specially made for your small puppy, it provides a balanced intake of fibers to help facilitate intestinal transit and contribute to good stool quality.

If your dog has a gastrointestinal /dermatologic signs that adverse food reaction (ADR) it is recommended to use the royal canin anallergenic formulated specifically for that case .

Royal Canin dog food & cat food also offers important features for your pet health  like digestive health and here you can request the Royal canin Digestive care , Royal Canin Urinary for kidney disease & urinary tract health,Royal canin selected protein for joint & hip support, Royal Canin dental & breath care and many more ... 

In addition,  Royal canin treats and food comes in a multiple selections and in delicious flavors like chicken , pork , duck, salmon , fish and rabbits .

Concerning their prices range, Royal Canin prices are suitable for all needs they are affordable and high quality nutrition pet and cat food that are great for any aged animal .