Online Pet Shop in Lebanon

Whether you spend your days under the golden sunrays of West Bekaa, enjoy the chilly nights of the mountains in North Lebanon, or just prefer the busy everyday life of the city, our convenient online pet store is here and ready to deliver your pet needs and supplies across all Lebanese territories.


At, we do everything we can to be flexible and make your life as easy as it gets, fitting into your hectic schedule. That is why we have created our trouble-free website to enable you to shop for all your furry friends’ needs, down to the smallest specifications and demands, with the click of a button.


Just select what you want, choose your preferred payment method (Cash on Delivery or credit card), and place your order; or give us a quick call to order your preferred items and have them delivered right to your doorstep. If you are nearby and want to pick up your items in person, we also have an in-store pick-up option, subject to the availability of items in the branch you are passing by.


Our brands and services have long ranked us among the best pet stores in Lebanon. Our pet zone caters to dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, and many more. Shop for all pet grooming supplies, gourmet food, special veterinary food, vitamins, supplements, toys, accessories, harnesses, leashes, aquariums, and many other gadgets and choose from among our wide ranges of colors, sizes, shapes, prices, and food flavors.


Enter our online pet supermarket with a shopping list in your hand or just browse and shop freely during your small breaks in between task, errands, and meetings, and have your order delivered within one to three days (see our Delivery & Return Policy for more info).