Pet Shop Near Me

A Pet Shop Near You… Wherever You Are


While it is a good sign that the pet supplies market is increasingly growing in Lebanon, compared to the strange looks pet owners once received whenever walking their dogs or occasionally picking up after them, it is also increasingly becoming harder to know which is the best reliable source for your pet supplies, food, accessories, and grooming needs.


Well, whether you are an experienced pet owner, a new one, or even soon to become one, you have come to the right place. Because with our “mall” of possibilities and our round-the-clock customer service, you will have no more room to doubt your pet supply choices.


As last, you a have an online pet shop delivering your favorite carefully-selected pet supplies, food, toys, and grooming accessories all across Lebanon, anywhere you are within one to three days tops, depending on your location (you can check our Delivery & Return Policy for more details).


We have teamed up with the best in the industry to offer you everything an online shopper expects in a deal: fast delivery, affordable options, discounts, reliable service, high quality products, secure payment portal, and clear work ethics and process behind it all.


Andddd… You can get a free delivery service when your cart totals a certain amount of merchandise. So get set with your shopping list and let the browsing and clicking begin to get everything you need for proper pet care.


Still feeling like you are not cut out for this whole online thing? Our website is carefully designed to help you easily find what you are looking for. Everything is organized under clear categories with filters to sort out your options if you are looking for something a little more specific. So check for yourself the time and effort you will be saving, because even if it is your first time placing an order online, our team will make you feel like the online shopping expert you always had in you.