ABSORBING PADS 15 Pieces 40x60

  • BrandsCamon Fabotex
  • Product Code: A B043/1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • LL35,000

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Practical single-use mats that are useful in all circumstances, indoors and outdoors. Sanitary, convenient and absorbent. With humidity indicator.
A must have dog supply! Ideal for speeding up puppy housebreaking. May also be used with pets that are ailing, incontinent senior pets or pets that are indoors only. These pads are also great to use as an alternative elimination area when travelling, in hotel, on boat, in dog kennels. The superior multi-layered system with quilted gel core holds moisture and controls odours. Rapid drying top layer captures moisture and the bottom plastic liner shields floor and carpets.
The pads may be treated with Camon Hygienic Attractant to encourage your pet to use it

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